• Organic polymeric materials
  • Dielectrics and semiconductor materials
  • Physicochemical characterization: DSC, IR-FTIR absorption spectroscopy, visible emission spectroscopy >UV, Ellipsometry, SEM, Luminescence
  • Electrical characterization : Dielectric spectroscopy, Space charge, I(V)-J(E, T), Breakdown field/breakdown, Conduction…
  • Electrical conduction under radiation
  • Thermo-molding of polymer films
  • Metallization of nano-films by PVD
  • Electrical materials in space environment
  • Dielectric & semiconductor large-gap materials
  • Aging of large-gap materials
  • Innovative electrical materials
  • Integration of dielectric materials in power components
  • Polymer dielectrics and power capacitors
  • Vacuum deposition and processing (Plasma, PVD, irradiation)
  • Electric charge transport within dielectrics
  • Reliability, aging and electrothermal transfer of large-gap materials
  • Physical phenomena in irradiated dielectrics

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